Assassins Creed Identity teaser 001

Following its soft-launch on the App Store in Australia and New Zealand in September 2014, action RPG Assassin’s Creed — Identity will be finally launching worldwide on February 25, French games maker Ubisoft confirmed yesterday on Twitter.

Filed as the first Assassin’s Creed action RPG game for mobile devices, Identity features open sandbox levels and lets you create, evolve and customize your own assassins and play them in the iconic Renaissance Italy setting.

“Become an assassin and experience the freedom of movement for which the Assassin’s Creed franchise is so famous–for the first time ever on your phone or tablet,” Ubisoft teases in the game’s App Store description.

“Embody an Assassin and experience the freedom of movement that made the franchise unique while unraveling the mystery of The Crows and solving dozens of quests,” reads the video description on YouTube.

Check out the latest announce trailer for Assassin’s Creed — Identity.

In addition to three varied character classes, Identity will give players the ability to hire their friends in co-operative mode to help them solve the levels, which are set in landmark locations of the era such as the Coliseum, Florence and more.

I’ve included a few screenshots below to feast your eyes on.

Assassins Creed Identity iPad screenshot 006

Assassins Creed Identity iPad screenshot 005

Assassins Creed Identity iPad screenshot 004

Assassins Creed Identity iPad screenshot 003

Assassins Creed Identity iPad screenshot 002

Assassins Creed Identity iPad screenshot 001

Key highlights include:

  • Choose between 3 unique classes, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, and find the one that fits your play style best. Experiment and play in open sandbox levels.
  • Customize your own Assassins by using your loot and choosing from unique outfits and color variations.
  • Use the decryption system to create the best among tens of thousands of items.
  • Hire friends and other players as Assassins to help you complete your objectives. Call them at any time during mission to get them to come to your help.
  • Train, develop and equip 2 different Assassins.

As mentioned, some players have enjoyed the privilege to play this game on a free-to-play basis since September 2014 on the App Store in New Zealand or Australia. However, Identity has been removed from these two stores recently ahead of its worldwide launch on February 25 as a $4.99 premium title.

Source: Ubisoft