Apple Watch to gain new bands in March, new hardware in September

hermes apple watch

Apple is planning to announce new Apple Watch models in March, reports 9to5Mac. But the refresh will be in line with what we saw in September of last year, in that we may see new bands made out of new materials, and new brand partnerships, but no new hardware.

Instead, the outlet claims Apple is going to wait until September to show off its second-generation Watch. This contradicts recent rumors that the new wearable is going to be ready for production this month, but it does lines up with this last week report from TechCrunch.

In addition to new band colors and materials, Apple has been building partnerships with luxury brands beyond Hermes. It’s also working on new Apple Watch software, which has already seen a beta release, and it’s believed that Apple has other enhancements planned.

Round out its report, 9to5Mac cites sources saying Apple is planning a small event for the week of March 14th, where we’re likely to see the aforementioned Apple Watch revision, the rumored 4-inch iPhone, and possibly a third-generation iPad Air, if it’s ready in time.

Source: 9to5Mac