Tim Cook earned $10.3 million in 2015 as Apple’s CEO

Tim Cook September 2015 The Daily Show with Stephen Colbert image 002

Ever wonder how much it pays to be the CEO of one of the world’s largest companies? About $10 million. On Wednesday, Apple submitted a new SEC filing showing that Tim Cook’s total compensation for fiscal 2015 was $10,281,327.

Broken down, Cook received $2 million in base salary, $8 million in non-equity compensation, and $280K in “other” compensation. Note that this doesn’t include the $50+ million in awarded Apple stock that vested for Cook this year.

Additionally, Apple’s compensation committee felt that Cook’s performance in 2015 (where the company recorded $233.7 billion in sales) was good enough to earn a raise. In 2016, he’ll receive a $1 million annual salary increase to $3 million.

As for others on the executive team, CFO Luca Maestri, lead council Bruce Sewell, Dan Riccio and Eddy Cue all earned more than $25 million during 215. Notably, SVP Angela Ahrendts made the most this year—$25,779,229 in total compensation.

As usual, Apple did not mention Jony Ive in the SEC filing, keeping his compensation a total mystery.

Source: SEC