Vote for iDB in the 2015 Jailbreak Awards

jailbreak awards

This is kind of cool. Jailbreak community members have teamed up to create the Jailbreak Awards of 2015. The awards are selected by you, the community, in categories such as best legacy jailbreak tweak, best theme, best website, etc.

The end/beginning of the year is always a great opportunity to reflect on the prior year’s accomplishments. In fact, we presented our own 2015 tweak of the year list just last week.

Be sure to vote for iDB in this year’s jailbreak awards. It’s a great opportunity to show your appreciation for all of the jailbreak coverage here at iDB.

To vote, click this link. You will find iDB in two categories: Best jailbreak-related YouTube channel (myjailbreakmovies) and best jailbreak-related website (iDownloadBlog).

You’ll also find a variety of other categories that you can throw your support behind. It’s always fun to support members of the jailbreak community, so make sure you take a few seconds out of your day and vote in the poll.

While you’re at it, be sure to check out our 2015 jailbreak tweak of the year list and video. What is your favorite jailbreak-related moment of 2015? Sound off in the comments below.