SafariBeBetter: subtle changes improve the Safari browsing experience


SafariBeBetter might not be a tweak that’s big on grammar, but it provides a few subtle changes to the Safari browsing experience in an effort to improve things for the better. The changes won’t necessarily be changes that everyone will agree with, but I found the tweak to provide enough thoughtful enhancements to make it worth trying.

In all, SafariBeBetter enables three changes for the stock Safari browser. There’s the ability to Autohide bookmarks, show a complete web page URL, and change autohide settings for the address and navigation bars. Check out the rest of this post for a deeper explanation of what makes SafariBeBetter tick.


Once installed, SafariBeBetter places a new preference panel in the stock Settings app. From there, you can configure the way the tweak works.

The preferences for SafariBeBetter are extremely simple, as they consist of three switches for enabling or disabling the changes on the fly. The great thing about this tweak is that all changes occur without necessitating a respring. At most, you may need to refresh your Safari page to enact the changes.

Autohide bookmarks

This is a setting that will automatically close the bookmarks panel when tapping on any of the bookmarks listed. This setting only applies when viewing Safari in landscape mode, since the bookmarks panel slides out on the left side while the iPhone is oriented that way.

Show complete URL


Notice the complete URL on the second screenshot

This enables the complete URL of a web page in the address bar

Allow bars autohide

This setting is actually enabled by default on a stock iPhone. Whenever you scroll down a page while viewing Safari, you’ll notice that the top and bottom bars disappear so that more of the web page can be seen. SafariBeBetter allows you to disable this setting so that the address and navigation bars are always visible, even when scrolling down a page.

SafariBeBetter is a free jailbreak tweak, and I think it’s good enough to warrant your attention. I especially like its ability to show the complete URL in the address bar, and the autohide bookmarks option. If you’re a heavy Safari user, you should consider giving it a try.