Ryan Petrich releases Activator 1.9.8 beta 2 with new screen brightness control settings


Ryan Petrich has released the second beta of Activator 1.9.8, bringing a whole host of new changes to the popular jailbreak tweak. In the update you’ll find new localizations, new increase and decrease brightness actions, and several new fixes.

You won’t find Activator 1.9.8 beta 2 in the stock Cydia repos, but in this post, I’ll show you how you can add Ryan’s beta repo to take advantage of the latest Activator features.

Activator 1.9.8 beta 2 change log

  • Update localizations – thanks translators 🙂
  • Fix interactivity regression with other SpringBoard gestures
  • Delay notification and control centers while a swipe in event with an action assignment is pending
  • Fix native scroll-to-top gesture regression on iOS 6-8
  • Make app switcher action not require the display to be on
  • Back out any icon force touch gestures when an Activator force touch gesture is handled
  • Remove multi-touch settings pane from the swipe left on clock area event
  • Add multi-touch settings pane to the swipe left on statusbar event
  • Present action settings panes correctly when launched from the Settings app on iOS 6
  • Add increase and decrease brightness actions

There’s a lot of fixes included in the change log, but the most outstanding new feature to me is the ability to increase or decrease brightness using an Activator gesture. Right off the bat, the inclusion of such a feature eliminates the need for several standalone jailbreak tweaks that allow you to change brightness using gestures.

How to add Ryan’s beta repo:

Step 1: Open Cydia

Step 2: Tap Sources

Step 3: Tap Edit → Add, and type the following: http://rpetri.ch/repo/

Step 4: Tap Add Source

Step 5: Tap Return to Cydia and tap the Changes tab

You should now see the latest Activator beta along with all of the rest of Ryan’s beta packages available for download.

What are your thoughts on the latest Activator beta?