How to jump directly to a specific folder with Activator


FolderJumper is a new jailbreak tweak that lets your instantly access a SpringBoard folder by using an Activator gesture. If you have groups of specific apps placed within a folder that you frequently access, then FolderJumper, a $1.99 tweak available on Cydia’s BigBoss repo, can make accessing those apps easier.


You’ll need to venture into the stock Settings app and find the preferences for FolderJumper once the tweak is installed. There, you can add a folder to the Match List, which basically consists of you providing the name of the folder that you wish to link to using an Activator gesture.

Once a folder name is provided, simply tap on the name to assign it to a specific gesture. In my hands-on example, I assigned a double tap of the status bar to the Extras folder located on my Home screen.

In addition to the gesture assignments, you’ll find a couple of folder animation modifier toggles at the top of the tweak’s preferences. These can be used to change the look of the folder animation to meet your tastes.

If you’re someone who frequently uses folders, then the $1.99 asking price might be well worth it to you. It all depends on how often you access folders and the app content within them.