Sketchy report calls for iPhone 7 with USB-C, dual cameras, Touch ID-integrated screen & more

Apple logo (space 001)

A sketchy rumor originating from sources in China has it that Apple is currently experimenting with at least five different iPhone 7 configurations, each with its own unique hardware characteristics.

Some of the features Apple is reportedly testing out for the next iPhone include a USB Type-C connector compatible with wireless headsets, wireless charging, multi-touch-capable Force Touch technology, dual cameras and a next-generation Touch ID technology embedded within the display.

The same source reiterates that Apple is experimenting with AMOLED display technology. Barron’s recently said that some iPhones starting from 2018 will use AMOLED screens, with Samsung Display apparently discussing a possible collaboration with Apple to supply these screens.

“Apple plans to introduce organic light-emitting diode displays for iPhones starting in 2018, sending suppliers racing to fine-tune the technology and invest in capacity expansion,“ reads the Nikkei report cited by Barron’s.

Like other handset vendors, Apple tests a number of different iPhone prototypes before deciding on one that goes in production. That being said, the source of this rumor is unproven so you should take the report with a few pinches of salt.

What hardware features would you like to see on iPhone 7?

Source: Weibo via GforGames