Apple posts new “Hey Siri” and “Ridiculously Powerful” iPhone 6s adverts

iPhone 6s Penelope

Apple has posted two new advertisements on its YouTube channel to highlight features found on the iPhone 6s. The first spot, entitled “Hey Siri”, is a 30-second clip aimed at showcasing the revamped hands-free voice assistant functionality. The second spot, entitled “Ridiculously Powerful”, is a longer 1-minute ad that shows off the speed and power of Apple’s latest flagship phone.

Both new spots can be found over at Apple’s YouTube channel, or you can continue reading to check out the embeds. What are your thoughts on the ads? Do you find them effective?

Hey Siri

The Hey Siri ad features a guest appearance by actress Penelope Cruz. Apple’s goal with this ad is to showcase the usefulness of the M9 Motion coprocessor assisted feature.

Ridiculously Powerful

Ridiculously powerful is all about showing off the speed and power possessed by the iPhone 6s, whether it be browsing speed, or the ability to fuel high performance games and photography.

I’d say both ads are reasonably effective, but I prefer the Ridiculously Powerful spot. Which ad is your favorite?