Vine update makes it super easy to remix your favorite videos

vine update

Vine on Wednesday announced a new update for its popular mobile video-sharing app. It appears that this is a backend update, as I didn’t have to download anything to see the changes (although I did restart the app), but there are a few new features worth noting.

The first is a new audio remix option. With Remix, users can make their own creations with sound from any Vine with the touch of a finger. Just tap the […] button beneath a Vine clip within the mobile app, and select “Make an audio remix” from the popup menu.

Doing this will take you into your Camera, with the audio loaded up in the progress bar, ready to use. You can then create your Vine like normal. Once posted, tapping the music note icon below your clip will point users to the original video as well as other users’ remixes.

The other big new feature has to do with discovery. Vine is now including song metadata in its search results, meaning you can now search for a song title on the Explore page and find videos that use that track. You can then sort these results by most popular or recent.

Overall, these are solid improvements for what has become a very solid app. If you want to check out the latest version of Vine, you can find it in the App Store for free.