Tweaks of the week: BackupAZ, Eclipse, Lylac, NCCards, and more

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Another week, another steady flow of new tweaks. We’re still waiting for that one tweak that could potentially take the crown of best tweak of the year, but in the meantime, we’ll remain grateful for what we have.

Slightly off topic, if you haven’t yet, you should listen to this week’s episode of Let’s Talk Jailbreak where I talk to Kevin Bradley (aka nitoTV) about the history of Apple TV jailbreaking.

AnySpot for iOS 9: lets you launch Spotlight from anywhere ($2.99)

BackupAZ 2: an alternative backup solutions for your jailbroken device ($2.99)

Cairo: replaces the Music app icon with the artwork of the album currently playing ($1.45)

Circle: adds circular shape to app icons shortcuts in Control Center (free)

CycleBluetooth: automatically restarts Bluetooth after a restring (free)

Eclipse 3: systemwide dark mode for your iPhone ($0.99)

HideAppMenu: hides app setting options in Settings app (free)

IconArt: puts the album artwork on the currently playing app’s icon (free)

Libnet: a framework for low level network packet construction (free)

Lylac: a tweak to enhance the App Switcher ($1.99 – review)

MusicExplorer: share or backup music from your library ($0.99)

NCCards: a new way to display notifications with cards in Notification Center ($2.99)

NetflixImproved: a suite of enhancements for the Netflix app (free)

NoEmergency: hides the Emergency button on the Lock screen (free)

Palin: makes Lock screen passcode and notifications transparent (free)

PhoneAppNoFav: removes the Favorites tab from the Phone app (free)

QuickReply for WhatsApp: Quick Reply and Quick Compose for WhatsApp (free)

Reform: lets you customize and resize various elements of the Springboard ($2.99)

SetBack 9: allows you to save some of your preferences for easy revert back ($2)

Share Widget Plus: a social sharing widget (free)

SpotBrowser: replaces Spotlight with a browser ($0.99)

SmileBattery: replaces battery percentage with emoji (free)

WAReply: enables WhatsApp stock Quick Reply feature (free)

My picks of the week are BackupAZ, Eclipse, Lylac, and NCCards. What are yours?