iPad Pro doesn’t support untethered ‘Hey Siri’

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Although Apple’s iPad Pro Tech Specs webpage states in black and white that the device’s A9X system-on-a-chip includes an embedded ‘M9’ motion coprocessor, just like its A9 counterpart powering the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, the tablet doesn’t support untethered ‘Hey Siri’ functionality when not connected to power, AppleInsider discovered yesterday.

“Digging into the iOS 9 Settings app, the iPad Pro indicates that users can use ‘Hey Siri’ only when the device is connected to power,” reads the article.

This indicates that even though the iPad Pro has the necessary hardware to support ‘Hey Siri,’ the feature is disabled in iOS software. Whether or not Apple plans on enabling untethered ‘Hey Siri’ through a future software update remains to be seen.

If history is an indication, Apple will keep ‘Hey Siri’ as an iPhone 6s-exclusive for some time before rolling it out to all devices outfitted with Apple’s M9 motion coprocessor.

Source: AppleInsider