Apple launches new app on iOS and Android for controlling its Beats Pill+ speaker

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 4.43.04 PM

Apple on Thursday released a new application for Android and iOS called Beats Pill+. As the name suggests, the app allows device users to manage and control their Beats Pill+ Bluetooth speaker, which was announced earlier this month.

In the description, Apple says the Beats Pill+ app “puts you and your friends at the center of your music like never before.” You can use it to easily pair your device with your Pill+ speaker, rename it for fast identification and much more.

Additionally, the Pill+ companion app allows you to see the remaining battery life of your speaker. It also offers 2 playback modes: DJ and Amplify. DJ allows you to pair 2 devices to your speaker and Amplify allows you to pair 2 speakers.

The app looks good, and seems to check off all of the major features you’d want in a companion app. This is Apple’s second Android app, behind Move to iOS, and the company is currently beta testing an Apple Music client for the platform.

The Beats Pill+ app is free, and you can download it for Android here and iOS here. The Beats Pill+ speaker is $230, and you can find it here.

Thanks Matt and Zac