Saurik pushes Cydia Substrate update and comments on Pangu issues

Cydia Substrate 0.9.6011

Saurik recently pushed a small Cydia Substrate update to fix issues with devices running versions of iOS prior to iOS 5. The update, which comes in at version 0.9.6011, was pushed to fix a problem that arose during the 0.9.6xxx series of Cydia Substrate updates.

While this update is small, and probably only affects a handful of jailbreakers, the more important issue of jailbreak stability was mentioned by Saurik recently via Twitter. As you’re likely aware of, some have been experiencing issues with non-recoverable boot loops after restarting their jailbroken devices running iOS 9…

It’s no secret that some users have experienced issues with boot loops when using the Pangu jailbreak, but saurik’s extensive testing, even though I’m at a loss for what happened with the remaining 14.6%, shows that the issue may be few and far between.

I’ve personally never experienced any issues with my iOS 9 jailbreak regarding boot loops, and I’ve jailbroken several times across multiple devices. That said, I know for a fact that this is still a real issue, and it’s very frustrating for those affected.

This issue has been unofficially labeled the Boot Loop of Death or BLoD. It happens upon a force reboot that never progresses beyond the Apple menu, even after 10 minutes of waiting. My best advice is to force reboot your iPhone immediately after jailbreaking. If, after at least a 10 minute wait, your iPhone stays stuck at the Apple logo, then it’s probably best to restore and try again. If you’re able to successfully force reboot, then you should be good.

What has your experience been like with regard to boot loops? Do you have any tips for dealing with them?