GMYLE iPhone 6s wallet case looks like a tiny vintage book

GMYLE iPhone 6s wallet case

I’m a bit of a sucker for kitschy and novelty cases. You may recall my over-exuberance about a certain bottle opener/cigarette lighter case. If it looks like something it’s not, or has features that don’t belong on a case, I’m interested.

The GMYLE iPhone 6s wallet case could fit into the novelty category, but it looks so classy that you can’t call it kitschy. It looks like you are holding a tiny leather-bound book.

It is made from synthetic leather for those concerned with how animals are used. It has a “crazy horse” pattern for an authentic look. The binding has gold filigree for that vintage books style. All buttons and ports are exposed, including a hole for the back-facing camera.

The inside of the front cover has three slots for credit cards, IDs and cash. You can hold approximately six cards total. When you flip it over, the cover doubles as a stand so you can watch movies on your iPhone 6s.

This case adds a significant amount of bulk on the binding edge. Because it is supposed to look like a book, the binding edge is about twice as thick as the iPhone 6s. So, it isn’t going to be such a good fit for your pocket. However, if you tend to keep your smartphone in your backpack or bag, you won’t have to worry about bulk.

The GMYLE iPhone 6s wallet case comes in black, brown, and my personal favorite, world map. It is available on Amazon for $10 (technically, the World Map model is only $5, but shipping costs an additional $5). There is a version for the iPhone 6s Plus for the same price in black and brown.