Tweaks of the week: Multiplexer, PhotosLive, Seng, and more

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Some of us got to play around with a new iPhone 6s this weekend, and surely, some ideas must have popped up in people’s brains on how cool a jailbreak could be on this new device. Imagine the possibilities if Activator met 3D Touch for example! We’re still left longing for such a treat, so in the meantime, lets just enjoy what we have now.

GrabberTime: puts a tiny clock on the Notification Center grabber (free)

MessagesTint: makes the Messages conversation navbar green or blue depending on type of message (free)

Multiplexer: a six-in-one multitasking tweak ($3.99 – review)

NoMessagesFlash: removes the flash of the Messages quick camera feature (free)

PhotosLive: brings Live Photos to unsupported devices ($1.99 – review)

SCLenses4All: enables Snapchat Lenses for all devices (free)

Seng: a replacement for the App Switcher and Control Center ($2.50)

Square Passcode Buttons: puts square buttons on your passcode keyboard (free)

Tweak Count: shows the amount of tweaks you have installed in Cydia (free)

VarietyButtons: stylize your dialer and passcode keys (free)

WhatsAppCustomizer: customize WhatsApp UI (free)

My pick of the week is PhotosLive. What is yours?