How to use third-party complications in watchOS 2

The Weather Channel Complication watchOS 2

Although watchOS 2 and iOS 9 won’t be available for another few hours, several apps that include new watchOS 2 functionality have already been approved for distribution on the App Store. One such app is Star Walk 2, the sequel to the groundbreaking astronomy app for iOS.

StarWalk 2’s iOS 9 and watchOS 2 update includes support for in-app Spotlight searches on iOS, Slide Over and Split View on the iPad,  and more. But in this post, we want to concentrate on one thing in particular—third-party Apple Watch complications. How do third-party complications work, and how do you use them? Take a look at our video walkthrough.

Here is a list of some of the apps that have been updated for watchOS 2 and feature their own complications:

The Night Sky ($0.99)

This update features its own ISS complication to easily discover the next ISS flyover time directly from your watch face.

Star Walk 2 ($2.99)

Quickly check current stargazing condition percentage from your watch face.

The Weather Channel (free)

Glance at your watch face to check the current precipitation percentage.

Managing complications

Once you install a compatible watchOS 2 app, Force Touch the watch face, tap customize, and you’ll see the new third-party complications in the list of available complications.

Complications iOS 9

If you’d like to disable a third-party complication, and prevent it from being displayed on the list of available complications when customizing your watch face, you can do so via the Watch app on your paired iPhone. Simply open the Watch app, tap the My Watch tab, tap Complications, and use the drag-handles to adjust the visibility of certain third-party complications.

This is only the tip of the iceberg. Expect the floodgates to open for third-party complications later today and throughout the course of the  month. Are you exciting to have third-party complications available on Apple Watch?