First Apple TV 4th generation unboxing goes online

Apple TV 4 unboxing

The just-announced Apple TV 4th-generation will be out sometime in late October, but a YouTuber by the name of Andru Edwards got his hands on a unit early. To our knowledge, this is the first unboxing of the Apple TV on the web. Check out the video and see it for yourself.

Inside the box is the following:

  • Apple TV set top box
  • Siri remote
  • Lightning cable
  • Power cord

The thing that stuck out to me the most was the Siri remote. Despite how it may have appeared on stage, the remote isn’t made of cheap plastic. On the bottom of the remote  is an aluminum surface similar to the Apple TV remote from the 2nd and 3rd generation units. The top of the remote looks a lot more substantial than it did on stage as well.

Apple TV 4th gen remote

Edwards doesn’t actually go into setting up the Apple TV 4, but his unboxing does show the unit with its new USB-C port, and the remote with its Lightning port for charging.

As expected, the Apple TV 4th generation looks largely the same as its last two predecessors, only a bit taller. Inside the unit is an A8 SoC and a confirmed 2GB of RAM. Customers will have the option of buying a 32GB Apple TV for $149 or a 64GB version for $50 more.

We’ll have more about the Apple TV 4th gen as the time comes closer for it to launch.

What do you think about the unboxing? Are you happy with the way the new Apple TV looks?