CCMore places full quick launch apps inside Control Center

CCMore 5

CCMore is a tweak that lets users integrate the Control Center’s quick launch apps directly into the Control Center interface. The quick launch apps—Timer, Calculator, and Camera—already appear as shortcuts at the bottom of Control Center, but CCMore takes it a step further, letting you access these apps within Control Center itself.


Once you install CCMore, simply invoke Control Center, and swipe left. Doing so will reveal the Timer, Calculator, Camera, and Notes interface with each swipe. Users can also swipe up on the quick launch icons themselves to directly switch to the apps within Control Center.

As you might expect, CCMore does add a new preference panel to the stock Settings app. Inside the preferences, you’ll find a kill-switch, an option to enable five quick launch icons on screen at once, and section for setting the initial page that Control Center opens with.

CCMore preferences

I’m not a big fan of the five icon view for the quick launch shortcuts, as it causes the icons at the bottom of Control Center to overlap a bit. I do, however, enjoy the fact that CCMore adds a shortcut to the Notes app, a shortcut that’s not normally available in Control Center.

CCMore is a good way to gain more functionality out of Control Center. If you’d like to try it, head over to the BigBoss repo where it can be downloaded for $1.99.