PowerColor brings custom color gradients to the iOS battery indicator


Want to better visualize the current status of your iPhone’s battery? PowerColor is a new tweak that lets you enjoy a gradient of colors ranging from green (fully charged) to red (empty). As the power level of your iPhone’s battery decreases, the color of the battery indicator will subtly change to represent the appropriate range of remaining charge.

PoweColor Prefs

That’s cool and all, but what really makes PowerColor stand out is its ability to let users customize the colors of the battery indicator. Via the tweak’s preferences, which are accessible via the stock Settings app, users can go in and customize each color on a 5% scale.

Color customization is accomplished by means of a color picker, but for more accurate color changes, users can opt to take advantage of the hex color value input. If you’re looking to create a true gradient range, then the hex value colors are indispensable.

iPhone Screenshot

You’ll need to perform a respring in order to enact any custom color changes. The developer also included an option to reset the colors back to defaults in case you mess up.

This is one of those tweaks that’s pretty much impossible to show off on video, unless I incorporated a time lapse and just let my iPhone die, but take my word for it, it works as advertised.

You can find PowerColor on Cydia’s BigBoss repo and it is a free download.

I really like it, even if not doing custom colors. It’s a nice change of pace from the bland white power indicator that’s normally lodged in the top right-hand corner of iOS.

What do you think?