Crisp: a clean and simple email template keyboard for iOS


How many times a day or a week do you send the exact same email to people? It usually is a canned reply to an often asked question, or maybe it is a tidbit of personal information such as your address. If you use email, chances are you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Crisp, a new app available in the App Store today, wants to make this better by offering a clean and simple email template keyboard for iOS.

The concept behind Crisp is nothing new. There are probably dozens of keyboards in the App Store that do this to some extent, but Crisp does it in a very frictionless and elegant way.

After installing the app, you will have to create one or several folders. These folders allow you to group templates by category. Then create one or several templates for each folder. If there are templates you constantly use, simply favorite them.

To use one of the templates, switch the the Crisp keyboard, and either choose one of your favorites, or navigate to a folder. Tap the template you want to use, and your email or message will be automatically populated with it.

Even better, once you have inserted the template, Crisp will automatically switch to the next keyboard on your iOS device. It can be tricky, but assuming you have your main keyboard at the top, and Crisp at the bottom, once you’re done inserting your template, Crisp will switch by itself to your most-used keyboard, which I think is a really neat feature to have as it saves you time, and more importantly, it saves you the confusion to switch through a bunch of keyboards.

Crisp is not only useful for emails. It can also help in any application that supports text input (i.e. Messages, Facebook, Twitter, etc.). This keyboard is not only made for small pieces of texts either. It supports all sizes of templates including large emails with multiple paragraphs, links, and emojis.

Available as a universal app for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, Crisp seamlessly syncs your templates across your devices using iCloud. It doesn’t require full access, so whatever template is on your device, stays on your device and is not shared with a third-party.

As I mentioned before, Crisp doesn’t really offer anything new, but it does the job in an elegant and straightforward way, making it an easy recommendation to someone looking for that type of keyboard.

Crisp is available for $1.99 in the App Store.