Wallpapers of the week: there’s nothing quite like iPhone


Apple always posts excellent background images when highlighting their devices on their website. However, they do not always include their creations in iOS releases, leaving avid wallpaper fanatics lacking. It would be amazing if Apple included these images in a downloadable form.

A new Apple marketing series has them touting iPhone specific features. With a new line of “if it’s not an iPhone” TV commercials, the Cupertino based company now has a dedicated website that features similar justifications. The “Why there’s nothing quite like an iPhone website” highlights several features of their flagship device that cannot be replicated on other hardware. The page uses great graphics, three of which we have downloadable today for iPhone, iPad, and desktop.


Thankfully, we had some help from @Axinen, who procured the three wallpapers below, directly from the Apple website. Cleverly extracting the original images from the code and optimizing them for iPhone, iPad and desktop, Axinen was able to provide us with the images for download.

Apple Pay for iPad

Apple Pay: iPhone; iPad; desktop (2880 x 1800)

Mountain for iPad

Malware: iPhone; iPad; desktop (2880 x 1800)

Skate Park for iPad

Camera: iPhone; iPad; desktop (2880 x 1800)

Previously featured

This isn’t the first time we featured Apple website images. Below is a quick link over to a recent post that includes a clear blue water wallpaper, which I currently use on all my devices.

Apple Store Front Splash Image Surfing header

Visit: May 24, 2015


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