Study shows Apple TV fell to fourth most popular streaming device in U.S. last year

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The Apple TV fell to the spot of the fourth most popular streaming media device in the US last year, according to a newly-released study by Parks Associates. The research firm says that sales for Apple’s set-top box were eclipsed by those from Roku, Google and Amazon.

“Roku continues to lead streaming media device sales in the U.S.,” said Barbara Kraus, the director of research at Parks Associates. Their data shows that Roku accounted for 34% of units sold in 2014, with Google in second at 23%, and Amazon overtaking Apple for third.


Kraus also notes that the increase in competition is forcing innovation. “Devices with additional functionality such as the Intel Compute Stick may be a sign of things to come, where streaming is not the primary function but an extra feature to provide additional value.”

It’ll certainly be interesting to see how Apple responds to the new landscape. Next month, the company is expected to unveil its first new set-top box in over three years, and it’s said to include advanced features such as voice control, a touchpad remote and native apps.

Source: Parks Associates