Macally MCUPMP cup holder mount keeps your iPhone 6 within reach

MCUPMP cup holder mount iPhone 6

When it comes to iPhone mounts, people have differing opinions on where they want it to be. Some prefer a dashboard mount for convenient viewing. However, dashboard mounts are illegal in some states. An air vent mount still provides eye-level viewing, but covers your air vent. And, then there are cup holder mounts.

The MCUPMP is a cup holder mount that holds your iPhone 6 securely in place so you can quickly access maps, music, and other important apps without having to pull it out of your pocket.

The mount features an adjustable grip with a reach of up to 4.1 inches. It is padded with a soft rubber lining to protect your iPhone from scratches. The arms are sturdy and the clamps do not have top lips, so you can secure even the thickest of rugged cases.

The cup holder base is adjustable. You can rotate the circular base to fit wider cup holders. It remains securely in place with tension. The gooseneck is adjustable to 360 so you can position it in any number of ways for the ideal viewing spot. The mount can be rotated to position your iPhone 6 in landscape or portrait mode.

Macally’s MCUPMP is available on Amazon for $12. Since it adjusts to fit smart phones as wide as 4.1, it is also compatible with the iPhone 6 Plus.