Your iPhone 6 has additional functionality with the Layered Dandy wallet case

Layered Dandy iPhone 6 case 2

Many of us keep our iPhone in one pocket and wallet in another. If you use a backpack or bag, your important cards may be stashed in a number of different places.

The Layered Dandy is a wallet case for iPhone 6 that lets you keep your important cards in the same place as your smartphone. With the PU Leather folio design, it will also look good when you pull it out of your pocket.

This folio style wallet case by Verus is specially designed for the iPhone 6. There are cutaways for buttons and the back-facing camera, as well as a nice circular cutout to show off the Apple logo. The Lightning and headphone ports are exposed for easy access and the speakers are completely unhindered.

Layered Dandy iPhone 6 case 1

The PU leather case is secured shut using a small magnetic flap. When folded open, a three-card slot can be used to store important items from your wallet. There is also room behind the card slot to hold your cash.

The Layered Dandy comes in black, brown, and red. It is available on Amazon for $25. There is also a different version, called the Klop, available for $20, which includes a kickstand, but does not have a magnetic closure flap and holds fewer cards. You can also find the same models in all colors for the iPhone 6 Plus at the same price.