The UE Boom Bluetooth speaker offers 360 degrees of immersive sound

UE Boom

Apple’s new streaming service is a big hit. While it may still need some polishing, it is an excellent music player that houses an immense collection of tunes for you to listen to both on and off line. Now, you just need something to play music through that is better than the iPhone 6’s tiny speakers.

If you are looking for a little more power than just a personal, portable speaker, the UE Boom is the best in its class. It is small enough to fit in your drink holder, rugged enough to take camping, and powerful enough to be heard in a room full of partiers.

This small package portable speaker is about the size of a tall can. It is made with a durable rubberized material and water and stain resistant acoustic skin covering the grill.

The sound system houses dual performance drivers and is designed for 360-degree output. It has two passive radiators to enhance your music’s low end, which provides a clean balance in small-speaker audio that outperforms many others in the mid-range portable speaker category.

The rechargeable battery is capable of lasting for up to 15 hours. With daily use of a few hours at a time, I usually only have to recharge mine once per week.

If your buddy has a Boom, you can daisy chain them together using the free compatible app and have true stereo sound.

The wireless Bluetooth connection allows for up to eight devices to be paired at the same time. So, when you are tired of listening to your friend’s music, you can switch over to your iPhone and play from your device without having to re-pair anything.

There is also a D-ring at the bottom of the speaker so you can connect a Carabiner or other keychain and hook it to just about anything.

I use my UE Boom for just about every occasion. It has gone with me on tour, while camping, and even been used as background music between bands at shows. It is loud, durable, and conveniently portable.

The UE Boom comes in a variety of colors, including red, white, green, blue, black, and yellow. The company also offers exclusive units that are designed by popular artists. You can pick up a UE Boom on Amazon for $200. Artist exclusives are available directly from the company’s website.

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