Poll: Are you buying the new iPod touch 6th generation?

iPod touch 6g poll will you buy

The new iPod touch has arrived, and although its buzz is far below that of iPhone or even iPad levels, the excitement can still be felt throughout the community. As you know by now, this is the first new iPod touch since 2012, and it brings with it a much-needed and hefty specs update.

With this in mind, will you be purchasing a 6th generation iPod touch? Please participate in our poll and let us know.

Some have assumed that I will get rid of my 6th gen iPod touch, but I’m finding it to be such a value that I just might keep it. This thing is crazy powerful and can handle all of the latest games like a champ. The fact that it’s only $199 for all of that power certainly doesn’t hurt.

Also, keep in mind that you can jailbreak the iPod touch 6th-gen out of the box. That’s because it comes shipped with the latest version of iOS to date—iOS 8.4—and that firmware is currently jailbreakable. The developers of the current jailbreak tools haven’t even had to update their software to recognize this new device.

Rumors are swirling about the fact that the recent 8.4.1 beta may get rid of the exploits employed by the current jailbreak. With this in mind, it might be a good time to get in now, while Apple is still shipping these things with jailbreakable firmware.

Lastly, the iPod touch 6th generation is a great secondary device to use for testing or developmental purposes. I can see myself hanging on to this device for a long time in order to handle both jailbreak and development scenarios.

Please vote in our poll and let us know how you feel about the newest iPod touch to hit store shelves.