iClever is a dual charger smart enough to know which device it is charging

iClever iPhone 6 charger

I’ve got so many wall chargers in my box of gadget accessories that I don’t even know which ones originally came with which device. Some of them are not powerful enough to keep up with my iPad Air. If I accidentally grab the wrong one, I’m stuck with a trickle charge that won’t even bring me back up to full overnight.

The iClever charger uses smartID technology to identify your device and provide it with the correct amount of juice. With two USB ports, you can charge multiple devices at once without having to fight over who gets the wall socket first.

The device uses special technology that recognizes the type of device that is connected to it and pushes that amount of charge. It has a 24W/4.8A dual USB output, so you can connect two iPad Air tablets in and both will receive maximum chargeability.

There is a blue LED indicator light inside of the plug. So, you can easily find the USB port in the dark. When connected, the light won’t disturb your slumber.

The prongs of the plug fold into itself and the entire accessory is only slightly larger than Apple’s wall charger. It also supports 110-220V input, so it is compatible with many countries around the world.

The iClever wall charger is available in black or white for $13 on Amazon.