Rovio puts a bunch of Angry Birds games on sale

Angry Birds Space Utopia (teaser)

Do you still care about Angry Birds? I myself think the series has run its course but am nonetheless eager to fling a few birds every now and then as I continue to find these physics-based games pretty darn addictive and charming. Developer Rovio has now put a number of Angry Birds titles on sale in the App Store and some of them have gone free for the first time in a long time.

Grab them all now and your kids will thank you later!

Angry Birds Space, Angry Birds Space HD, Angry Birds Birds HD and Angry Birds Star Wars HD have dropped to their lowest prices we’ve seen in quite a while.

Here are the download links:

If you grab all five games now, you’ll spend just three bucks versus a combined value of thirteen bucks before the discount.

Angry Birds Space for iPhone is particularly interesting as it’s gone free for the first time on the App Store since a brief one-day free deal in May of 2013.

Featuring more than 300 levels with a low gravity twist to them, in addition to hidden levels, daily missions, a bunch of colorful playable characters and other perks, Angry Birds Space for iPhone is a no brainer.

If you can’t stand Angry Birds any longer, check out Apple’s Free App of the Week, Card Wars – Adventure Time Card Game by Cartoon Networks.

IGN is also offering Bloons Tower Defense 5 at no charge, a tower defense game which otherwise costs a total of eight bucks for separate iPhone and iPad editions.

Not interested in games?

Then pick up Pixelmator for iOS for just 99 cents, the first time we’ve seen this powerful image editing app for the iPhone and iPad receive such a deep discount.