Apple launches two new “If it’s not an iPhone” ads

If it's not an iPhone

Today, Apple launched two new iPhone advertisements touting the device’s uniqueness and how much its customers love them. In the first ad, entitled Hardware & Software, Apple big-ups the way the iPhone’s hardware and software are both created by the same company.

In the second advertisement, entitled Love, Apple touts how 99% of iPhone customers love their devices. It then ends both advertisements with a similar tag line: If it’s not an iPhone, it’s not an iPhone.

Even though many devices have tried to copy Apple’s hardware or software efforts, due to the fact that Apple is one of the few that produces both, it’s able to have a leg up on Android OEMs when it comes to software and hardware synergy.

And it’s true, there simply is nothing like an iPhone. You may not like it, you may prefer something else, but there’s no denying that there’s nothing quite like the sum of all of its parts when it comes to the competition.

As someone who likes to try other phones, I can attest that many Android phones do a good job as far as smartphones go. But there’s just something about having both components designed by the same company that makes things mesh like no other.

Agree, or disagree? And what do you think about those new ads?