New jailbreak tweaks: what a week that was

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It seems that the latest iOS 8.4 jailbreak has reinvigorated developers and drove them to update and release new tweaks in masses. This week is one of the most busy on in terms of releases that we’ve seen in a while, and we’re not complaining. Quite the contrary!

Aer: a weather widget for GroovyLock ($1.49)

Arise 2: lets you customize the alarm of the stock Clock app ($0.99)

Battivator: allows you to extend the battery of your iPhone ($1.49)

Codling: blurred Reloading Data HUD for Cydia (free)

ColorPass: change the color of your passcode keys (free)

Emoji83+: unlocks a bunch of emojis (free)

Fortune: a 4chan client (free)

Handoff4S: enables Continuity on iPhone 4s and iPad 2 and 3 (free)

iLostFinder Anti-Theft Pro: a feature-rich tweak to protect your iPhone ($9.99)

Light Bright iOS 7 & 8: an intuitive brightness dimmer ($1.50)

Minimal Camera 2: hide items in the stock Camera app (free)

Mirmir: run multiple apps at the same time ($3.99 – review)

MusicRotate: enables rotation in the iOS 8.4 Music app (free)

NoMusicRotate: disables rotation in the Music app (free)

NoSiriEmergency: disallows Siri to automatically call 911 (free)

Prototype Tools Flipswitch: a Flipswitch for the hidden SpringBoard prototype settings (free)

QuartzMessages: customize the look of the Messages app ($1.50)

RaiseToAnswer: answer a phone call by raising your phone when it rings (free)

ShareTweak: share tweaks information with others (free)

TimeUntilAlarm: shows the time remaining until an alarm goes off (free)

Velox 2: interact with apps without leaving the Home screen ($0.99)

Wave: wave your hand over your iPhone light sensor to wake it (free)

WhoozIt: a caller ID tweak ($0.99)

ZawgyiFix4Viber: an alternative message input field for Viber (free)