Ocean wallpapers for iPhone and iPad

sea-water-ocean-sky wallpaper splash

The popular Wallpapers of the Week section strives to remain relevant throughout the year. Whether posting Apple Event wallpapers as the invitations are released seasonal favorites, we try to maintain chronological relevance, ensuring you have the latest and up to date images on your background.

Summer is in full session for the northern hemisphere and we are celebrating. After the summer solstice, the days start becoming shorter, but it marks the hottest timeĀ of the year. Try cooling off with a beautiful ocean wallpaper on your favorite iOS devices.

Ocean wallpapers

The first image was submitted by iDB reader @keaganfowler. Thanks, Keagan! The remaining images were sourced from around the Internet.

Keagan Fowler Ocean Splash

Download: iPhone

amazing-ocean-sea-beach wallpaper splash

Download: iPhone; iPad

sea-water-ocean-sky wallpaper splash

Download: iPhone; iPad

gold-sea-wave-water wallpaper splash

Download: iPhone; iPad

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Splash images via placeit.net