Samsung asks appeals court to reconsider infringement ruling

courtroom gavel

Samsung on Wednesday asked the US Federal Circuit Court of Appeals to reconsider its decision to uphold a ruling that will cost it $400 million in damages for infringing on Apple’s design patents, reports San Jose Mercury News. In a recent court filing, the company asks for a rehearing with a full 12-judge roster, rather than the 3-judge panel the court used last month.

In 2012, a jury ruled that several of Samsung’s products infringed on Apple patents, and awarded the iPhone-maker $1 billion in damages. That number has been reduced down to $548 million in various post-trial proceedings, and Samsung is trying to eliminate another big chunk—some $400 million—by getting the verdicts regarding design patent infringement tossed out.

“Unlike rugs, spoons, and simple mechanical objects, smartphones incorporate hundreds or thousands of different patented technologies,” Samsung’s lawyers argued in court papers. “And it is undisputed here that Apple’s design patents claim only partial, minor features of such devices.” Samsung made a similar argument “trade dress” infringement claims, and won.

In August of last year, Apple and Samsung agreed to settle all foreign patent disputes, but their battle in the US is still very much ongoing. Following the 2012 lawsuit, the two companies faced off in court again last summer, with Apple winning another $120 million in damages. It’s believed that post-trial hearings stemming from the two cases will continue for the next several years.

Source: San Jose Mercury News