Premium turn-based strategy game starring Lara Croft previewed, hitting iOS later in the year

Lara Craft Go teaser 002

A stylized Tomb Raider game is coming to mobiles as developer Square Enix Montréal announced at E3 Lara Croft GO. Created by the same team that brought you award-winning strategy game Hitman GO, Lara Croft GO is billed as a ground-breaking mobile experience.

The game takes place in a long-forgotten ancient civilization and adopts a turn-based concept with exploration and puzzle solving thrown in for good measure, a recipe which has made Lara Croft, the heroine of the hugely successful Tomb Raider series, such a phenomenon in video games.

Taking you on an adventure set in the ruins of an ancient civilization, Lara Croft GO will challenge players to visit old tombs and explore mysterious locations while unearthing ancient artifacts and encountering scary creatures as they are tracked by the Queen of Venom.

Lara Craft Go screenshot 002

“Lara Croft was a perfect fit for us as the franchise has always been about solving puzzles and exploring exotic and mysterious locations,” developers said.

As the screenshots attest, Tomb Raider GO has some beautiful backdrops and gorgeous visuals further accentuated by its atmospheric soundtrack.

Lara Craft Go screenshot 003

To ensure top-notch quality and make sure the game fits in the Tomb Raider universe, Square Enix has been working closely with Crystal Dynamics, the studio behind the Tomb Raider franchise.

Here’s the official E3 reveal trailer.

Lara Croft is such a unique and iconic character in video games and “we’re excited to tap into the lore of such an important franchise and for you to experience it,” said developers.

Lara Craft Go screenshot 001

Lara Craft Go teaser 001

Lara Croft GO arrives on mobile and tablets later this year and you can count on us to keep your informed as soon as additional tidbits are publicized.

Source: Square Enix Montréal