iOS 9 code hints larger ‘iPad Pro’ could have 2732×2048 display

ios 9 ipad pro

The oft-rumored 12.9-inch ‘iPad Pro’ could feature a 2732×2048 display, according to evidence found in the first iOS 9 beta. Developers Hiraku Wang and Steve Troughton-Smith point to code in the beta that refers to a 1366×1024 device, which implies a true resolution of double that using @2x scaling.

That works out to a display area of roughly 12.93 inches and a PPI of 263, which lines up with previous reports. In January of last year, NPD DisplaySearch cited supply chain sources, saying that Apple had a tablet in development with a larger 12.9-inch display, a resolution of 2732×2048 and PPI of 265.

Earlier today, Troughton-Smith exposed further evidence of the mythical ‘iPad Pro’ in iOS 9. The developer noticed that at resolutions larger than that of the display in the current iPad Air 2, the iPad keyboard gains a whole new row of symbols and other keys to take advantage of the additional space.

Talk of a 12.9-inch iPad dates back to at least 2013, and rumor has it that it may finally materialize this year. The device, sometimes referred to as the ‘iPad Air Plus,’ is said to feature an ultra-thin design, dual front-facing speakers for stereo sound, and possibly an additional port for easy portrait docking.

Source: Twitter