Apple brand leather case for iPhone 6 is an elegant minimalist solution

Apple Leather iPhone 6 Case

Very few other companies, especially in the tech industry, are able to fully capture the essence of minimalism quite the way Apple does. It is about more than just simplicity. Apple manages to merge elegant beauty with restraint.

The iPhone 6 Leather Case is a great example of Apple’s ability to combine a stylish aesthetic with simply beauty. The case provides protection from scratches, while maintaining the minimalist design we appreciate from the company.

The case is made from premium leather that is precisely designed for the iPhone 6. It snaps onto the backside of the device to give you protection from wear and scratches. It is thick enough to cover the back-facing camera lens. However, it is thin enough to barely add to the dimensions of your iPhone 6.

Because the case is made from genuine soft leather, it will develop a patina over time. That is the nature of leather. If you don’t like the look of well-worn leather, you might want to check out the silicone model instead.

The iPhone 6 Leather Case comes in black, red, blue, soft pink, and my personal favorite, brown. It is available directly through Apple for $45 with free shipping. It is also available for the iPhone 6 Plus for $49. There are versions available through Amazon, but I would be wary because they are more expensive than ordering directly through Apple.