The jailbreak tweaks of the week

Cydia iPhone 6

Like every Sunday, we roundup all the tweaks that were released on Cydia during the week that just ended, making it an easy and convenient way for you to see what’s new, without having to scroll through dozens of font packages you’ll never use. 

This week’s list is pretty thin, yet pretty solid, with some interesting releases such as ConversationPics, and TripleSpace.

ConversationPics: shows contacts pictures in Messages conversations (free)

FreeLoader: lets you customize the loading indicator (free)

Freyr: get a quick overview of the weather forecast ($0.99)

HapticMusic: makes your iPhone make a small vibration when you change songs (free)

NoTabBarText: hides the text under navigation tab buttons (free)

NoUberJailbreak: disables jailbreak detection for the UberDriver app (free)

QuartzStatusBar: lets you customize the Status Bar (free)

TripleSpace: a shortcut for when you hit the Space bar three times (free)

UnlockVol: lets you adjust the volume from the Lock screen, even when no music is playing (free)

WallActivity: set wallpapers system-wide (free)

What are your picks of the week?