Poll: has Apple Watch software update made your favorite apps more responsive?

Force Close Apple Watch Apps 2

Last week saw the release of Apple’s first software update for the Apple Watch.

Among other changes, the flurry of enhancements in Watch OS 1.0.1 include performance improvements related to both Apple’s stock apps and third-party applications you download from the App Store.

Unlike stock apps that run directly on the device, third-party ones run as WatchKit extensions on your iPhone and are then streamed off the phone to your wrist. That’s why opening Twitter, Instagram, CalcBot, or any other third-party app for that matter, takes a frustratingly long time to load vs. native apps.

In that regard, Watch OS 1.0.1 should have changed things for the better, but has it? If you own an Apple Watch, and have updated to Watch OS 1.0.1, do your favorite apps now load faster than before?

If you don’t own an Apple Watch, or haven’t yet updated to Watch OS 1.0.1, please don’t vote.

Cast your vote below.

Since updating to Watch OS 1.0.1, I’ve definitely noticed improvements.

That’s especially the case after disabling Bluetooth to use the Apple Watch via Wi-Fi. Not only do apps load noticeably faster than they used to, but are more responsive to interact with as well.

Has that been your experience, too?