Tweaks of the week: ADKeys, Alternatum, and more

Cydia Home iPhone 6

According to the rumors, iOS 9 will be a heavy blow to the jailbreak community, but as Jeff cleverly noted, there’s no such thing as impossible. With that said, we’re hoping the grim rumor won’t discourage smart developers from coming up with new tweaks.

Speaking of new tweaks, this week was pretty slow, but it saw the release of a few interesting ideas.

Adiutor: makes Siri take less space on your iPhone scree ($1.50)

ADKeys: matches your keyboard background to your wallpaper, and more ($0.99 – review)

Alternatum: brings an app switcher and toggles to Reachability ($1 – review)

Color Convos: assign different colors to different Messages conversations ($1)

CustomNotificationSound: customize the notification sound of third-party apps (free)

Helius 2: redefines Lock screen media controls ($0.99 – review)

IllLookLater: choose what apps can wake your Lock screen when receiving notifications (free)

iPicar: automatically hides specific Messages conversations when entering a specific Lock screen passcode ($1.55)

What are your favorites of the week? Let us know in the comments below.