AmFilm Premium HD Clear Screen Protector keeps your iPhone 6 scratch-free

AmFilm screen protector iphone 6

While tempered glass screen protectors are definitely becoming a big trend, nothing beats the super inexpensiveness of traditional film protectors. As technology improves, the price decreases exponentially.

TechMatte’s AmFilm screen protector for iPhone 6 protects your screen from scratches and dust with crystal-clear clarity so you see everything the way you are supposed to.

The AmFilm is made of four layers. The first is a high-definition acrylic coating to provide clear visibility and a smooth touch. The second, scratch-resistant hard coating protects your iPhone 6 screen from scuffs and dust. The third is an optical laminate layer that heightens screen clarity. The fourth is a silicon adhesive to make the installation process quick and easy while allowing for removal without leaving behind any residue.

It uses a special hinge method for easy installation, which uses a series of tabs and rubber bands that hold the screen protector in place while preparing for fitting. The protector is a few millimeters smaller than the screen, leaving the curved edges of the iPhone 6 free.

The AmFilm screen protector kit comes with three films, five dust removal stickers, a squeegee card, and a microfiber cloth, all for only $6 on Amazon. That’s $2 per screen protector. And, they each come with a lifetime guarantee. You can replace the screen protectors for free for longer than the iPhone 6 will last. There is also a kit compatible with the iPhone 6 Plus for the same price.