Catalyst Waterproof case protects your iPhone 6 up to 16 feet under water


When I go camping, I tend to leave my iPhone behind. Not because I’m trying to be closer to nature, or unplug from the world, but because I tend to worry about getting dirt, marshmallow goo, ash, or beer on my device. Even if I’m brave enough to bring it to the campsite, I still won’t take it anywhere near a body of water.

The Catalyst Waterproof iPhone case eases my fears by having a waterproof rating up to 16.4 feet deep. Plus the lanyard connector means I can secure my iPhone to my body for even more security and protection.

The case is made from non-slip rubber along the edges and clear polycarbonate on the backside. The front is made from a special touch-sensitive covering that allows you to swipe, tap, and drag your finger around on the screen.

The Touch ID membrane is made from a special non-watermarking skin for accurate biometric scanning.

The volume and Sleep buttons are made from rubberized material and protrude far enough from the device for easy access. The Mute button is specially designed as a rotating crown instead of an up-and-down switch. On the inside, the crown has special cutouts that, when properly lined up with the Mute switch, will press against it when turned, causing it to flip up or down. The Lightning port and headphone jack are sealed with rubberized plugs that you can open when you need to.

The clear backside features a hard-coated optical lens so you can take pictures without the case getting in the way. The special audio membrane makes it possible for you to hear music just as loud as if your iPhone were outside of the case.

The case is designed to meet military standards for shockproof up to 6.6 feet, but it also only adds about a-half inch of thickness to your iPhone 6, so it is fairly slim for a waterproof case.

The Catalyst Waterproof Case for iPhone 6 is available on Amazon and comes in Rescue Ranger, Green Pop, Black, Marsala, and White with Mist Grey. It ranges in price from $73 to $76. There is also a version of the Catalyst for iPhone 6 Plus in Black with Space Grey and White with Mist Gray for $86.

What do you think of this waterproof case? Let us know in the comments below.

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