Frē series from LifeProof is a waterproof iPhone 6 case

LifeProof Fre iPhone 6 case

These days, when you hear the word “waterproof” in reference to a smartphone case, chances are it is actually more likely water-resistant, not waterproof. There is a very important distinction between the two. Water-resistant means it can get rained on, while waterproof means it meets the universal standard for still working after being submerged to a certain depth of water for a certain length of time.

LifeProof’s Frē series iPhone 6 case is as waterproof as a case can get and still provides access to the screen and all usable ports. Whether you are diving into the Caspian Sea, skiing down the Alps, or attending an outdoor wedding in November, this case has you covered.

This ultra protective case completely encloses the iPhone 6 in a cocoon of durable materials. It is waterproof up to 6.6 feet (two meters) for as long as one hour. It is designed to keep even the smallest of dust particles from invading your sensitive ports.

The device has received the highest rating for the international standard for Ingress protection, which means it can also withstand a flurry snowstorm for up to eight hours.

Unlike the ultra thin cases that look good, but don’t protect from drops, the Frē passes the U.S. Military Standard for drop protection from more than six feet off the ground.

The built-in touch screen cover protects the iPhone 6 screen from scratches, smudges, and dust while still allowing Touch ID to work. It also helps keep the device sealed into its waterproof shell.

The back-facing camera is protected with an anti-reflective coated optical glass lens to ensure photos are not obstructed due to the case. Even though the iPhone 6 is completely encapsulated inside the Frē, you can still hear your music just as well as without the case thanks to the specially engineered Sound Enhancement System, which amplifies the built-in iPhone 6 speakers.

All of the buttons are completely enclosed but the case features exterior buttons so you can still control them. The ports are sealed off from exposure to anything outside until you physically open the case’s port access, so they are fully protected from water, snow, and mud.

The Frē series comes in black, pink, white, blue, purple, and red. You can order one today from Amazon for between $70 and $72, depending on your color preference.