Lock or unlock your Mac right from your wrist with MacID for Apple Watch

MacID for Apple Watch teaser 001

MacID, a cool app by developer Kane Cheshire that lets you lock and unlock your Mac using Touch ID on your iPhone, or your passcode, is now available on the Apple Watch.

If you want to unlock your Mac right from your wrist, and own an Apple Watch, you should grab the new MacID 1.2 for iPhone, a $3.99 download from the App Store. You can even use the Apple Watch app to see what’s playing on iTunes or Spotify, and start screensavers on your Mac.

The basic promise of an app like MacID is one-tap device authorization.

I just don’t want to be tapping away on my Apple Watch just to find the app on the Home screen, fire it up it and then waste more time fumbling with menus.

Thankfully, MacID includes a Glance that I cunningly put near the start of my Glances so I can access its functionality simply by swiping up on the watch face.

It’s now super easy to lock and unlock my Mac remotely! As a bonus, the app’s Glance provides a quick look at how many Macs I have connected — sweet!

MacID 1.2 for iOS Apple Watch screenshot 001

MacID conveniently uses a Mac’s account image to make identifying multiple computers on the tiny Apple Watch screen easier. Should you want to refresh an account image, just long-press on a connected Mac.

As seen below, you can even initiate a screensaver on your Mac and see the currently playing iTunes or Spotify track, right from the wrist. On the iOS side, MacID 1.2 includes half a dozen improvements and new features.

For starters, you can now lock or unlock a Mac with a single tap, start a screensaver, check out the currently playing song and send the clipboard by double-tapping a device image.

The refreshed iOS application brings out support for VoiceOver accessibility features and it now honors your system-wide Dynamic Type settings.

Topping it all off, a revamped widget lets you lock or unlock a Mac, start a screensaver or share the clipboard with your Mac desktop directly from the Notification Center’s Today view, even on your Lock screen.

MacID 1.2 for iOS changelog:

  • It’s time; MacID for Apple Watch is here! Fast, convenient and beautiful; MacID for Apple Watch allows you to quickly and securely lock and unlock your Mac right from your wrist. Keep the MacID Glance near the start of your Glances for super quick access.
  • MacID for iOS now shows the user account image for each connected Mac (be patient while the file gets sent to your iOS device). You can refresh an account image at any time by long-pressing on a connected Mac.
  • You can now start a screensaver using MacID, just slide a connected Mac left and choose “Screensaver”.
  • You now only have to tap once to lock or unlock a Mac; if your Mac is unlocked it will lock, if it’s locked it will unlock.
  • Double tapping a device now sends the clipboard.
  • MacID now shows the currently playing iTunes or Spotify track.
  • Completely redesigned Widget! Now you can quickly choose to lock/unlock, start screensaver or share clipboard with your Mac directly from the iOS Today view.
  • Even better accessibility! Support for Dynamic Type and more VoiceOver support.
  • Fixed an issue where, after sending a clipboard, the success checkmark sometimes wouldn’t disappear.
  • MacID now uses Helvetica Neue which has a greater set of characters.
  • Increased the size of the smaller column on iPad.
  • Settings’ labels now resize to fit better on smaller screens.
  • Better background restoration to cope with memory pressures.

MacID for Apple Watch really does work as advertised.

Matter of fact, I couldn’t be happier with it. Apple’s wearable device was made for apps like MacID and I wholeheartedly recommend giving it a whirl, if you haven’t already.

MacID 1.2 for iOS Apple Watch screenshot 002

For those on the fence of taking the plunge, point your browser to Lory’s review of MacID and decide for yourself if it fits your lifestyle.

MacID is designed for both the iPhone and iPad and works on the Apple Watch with an iPhone running iOS 8.0 or later. The Mac companion, which you can download here, is available at no additional charge.

MacID is $3.99 in the App Store.