Remember Snake from Nokia phones? It’s hitting iOS next Thursday as Snake Rewind!

Snake Rewind iPhone screenshot 001

Do you remember playing the old-school Snake from Nokia phones? First released in the late 1990s on the Nokia 6110, this innovative, all-consuming game with monochrome graphics and stupendously simple concept of not crashing the snake while trying to eat fruit is a testament of timeless design. Now Snake’s original creator Taneli Armanto has teamed up with Rumilus Design to bring back the joy of the classic game in a modern take on Snake.

Titled Snake Rewind, the game is scheduled to hit iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms globally on next Thursday, May 14, 2015.

“Snake Rewind takes the iconic elements and intuitive gameplay from the original Snake game and combines them with cool visual effects, sounds and great new features,” reads the blurb.

While keeping most of the original game’s concept intact, Snake Rewind features updated graphics and visual effects, new music, ten brand new levels, new fruits with special power-ups and more.

Snake Rewind iPhone screenshot 002

Perhaps most interestingly, you will be able to rewind the Snake, which will cost you points you must gather while playing the game.

Here’s a quick video preview of Snake Rewind.

Snake Rewing highlights:

  • New fruit types like Fruit Magnet, Trailblazer, and Score Multiplier
  • A fruit store for boosters and upgrades
  • Unlockable levels by completing challenging missions
  • Competitions against friends for the highest scores

It’s also nice that Snake Rewind features Game Center leaderboards, achievements and multiplayer functionality, so you’ll be able to compete against other players.

What more could a die-hard fan of retro gaming ask for?