Time Warner CEO ‘pretty confident’ Apple is launching a TV service

apple tv

Time Warner’s Jeff Bewkes is “pretty confident” Apple is working on a subscription TV service. ABC’s Jon Erlichman reports on Medium today that during Time Warner’s quarterly earnings call, the CEO said that the Cupertino firm is “very forward thinking” on the future of television.

Bewkes’ comments are interesting because Apple and Time Warner recently partnered up to launch ‘HBO Now’ on Apple TV, and rumors have been bouncing around for years that the two were looking to do TV together. In July 2013, Bloomberg reported they were “close” to reaching a deal.

The latest round of rumors points to Apple unveiling new TV hardware and services later this year. A refreshed Apple TV is believed to be arriving at WWDC in June, with faster performance and an App Store, and a streaming TV service with a custom channel package may debut in the fall.

Apple in March cut the cost of its current Apple TV from $99 to $69, and during the company’s conference call on Monday, Tim Cook said “I think we’re in the early stages of major major changes in media that are going to be really great for consumers and I think Apple can be a part of that.”

Source: Medium