This handy tool lets you download Apple Watch app screenshots


With Apple Watch shipments pending for many, developer Steve Troughton-Smith today tweeted a tool for downloading screenshots of WatchKit apps that have already received their updates ahead of Apple Watch’s public launch. The tool, titled AppleWatchStore, pulls the WatchKit screenshots from Apple’s servers using the app’s iTunes link and is extremely simple to use.

To get a preview of what your favorite apps will look like on Apple Watch, begin by downloading the AppleWatchStore tool. Once that’s done, retrieve the URL for an App Store app of your choice that has been updated for Apple Watch. It’ll follow a similar structure to this:

Once copied, open the zip file you downloaded, run the AppleWatchStore application, paste this URL into the text box at the top of the app, and press enter. Screenshots from the WatchKit version of the app should appear in the area below.


We’re extremely excited to go hands-on with what developers have done and will be doing with Apple Watch, and being able to view these gorgeous screenshots only heightens our enthusiasm. What are some of your favorite apps that will be available for Apple Watch on launch day or that you hope will be available soon?

Source: Steve Troughton-Smith