EA Sports UFC now available in the App Store

ea sports ufc 1

Following a soft-launch earlier this year, EA on Tuesday released EA Sports UFC for both iOS and Android. The game promises to bring the intensity of MMA (mixed martial arts) to your fingertips like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

UFC offers everything you’ve come to expect from major EA franchise mobile releases. It has HD-quality visuals, intuitive touch controls for action-packed gameplay, and a laundry list of content and features to keep you playing for hours.

Some of the game’s top features:

  • Choose from over 70 fighters in four divisions and begin your journey to the top
  • Each athlete boasts a unique set of special moves
  • Unlock new opponents, earn coins, and level up your fighters’ abilities
  • Career mode: battle through your career and invest in training to help your abilities skyrocket
  • Live Event mode: fight in some of the UFC’s biggest real-world bouts
  • Climb the ranks and hone your striking, wrestling, and submission skills along the way

And here’s the launch trailer from EA:

Full UFC licensing makes this game a must-try for fans of the sport, but its incredible visuals and simple tap-and-swipe combat controls will appease non-fans as well. Think of it as a Mortal Kombat X or Injustice, but with normal people.

Like most of (all?) EA’s other mobile titles, UFC is free-to-play with in-app purchases. This will likely be a deal-break for some, but at first glance the game still seems fairly playable. You can find EA Sports UFC in the App Store for free.