Twitterrific hits Apple Watch

Twitterrific for Apple Watch teaser 001

Twitterrific developer The Iconfactory last evening announced immediate availability of Twitterrific for Apple Watch.

The company’s freemium Twitter client for the iPhone and iPad was refreshed on the App Store with all-new Apple Watch functionality in the form of Glances, Notifications and the recent activity view. Twitterrific’s Glances put retweets, favorites and new followers you’ve received over the past 24 hours, in addition to the current unread tweet count, right on your wrist.

But don’t you worry, you’ll be able to fine-tune which Twitter notifications appear on your Watch so you don’t get inundated with unwanted alerts. Interestingly enough, The Iconfactory has opted for an unusual route of by requiring you to upgrade to Twitterrific’s push notifications via a one-time $1.99 In-App Purchase in order to unlock the full Apple Watch functionality.

Those who have previously upgraded to Twitterrific’s push notification feature can start using the whole range of Apple Watch features from the get-go.

The Watch app consists of three parts: the Glance view, Recent Activity and Notifications. As I mentioned, you get a list of your most recent 25 replies, mentions, direct messages, favorites, retweets and new followers.

Tapping any item in the list shows its details, letting you respond by favoriting a reply or mention, giving a new friend a follow back and replying to mentions and direct messages using the Watch’s dictation feature.

Twitterrific for Apple Watch teaser 003

Using Force Touch from the activity screen lets you compose a new tweet or refresh the list of recent items. And with Handoff support, you can easily continue composing a new tweet with dictation or viewing a user profile, on your iPhone.

“Simply dictate your tweet, then look for Twitterrific’s icon on your iPhone or iPad’s lock screen,” developers explain. “Unlock your device with the icon and Twitterrific opens directly to the compose screen with your new tweet ready for editing or posting.”

Finally, several notification types are available in the Watch app to keep track of who’s following you, retweeting or favoriting your tweets and more. Depending on the notification type, you can even take action without pulling an iPhone out of your pocket.

On the iOS side, this update enables the ability to check out favorite and retweet counts for selected tweets.

Twitterrific 5.11 changelog:

New features:

  • Support for Apple Watch.

Glance View

  • Track your Twitter statistics on the watch in real time, including:
    • Retweet, Favorites & New Follower counts
    • Current unread tweet count
  • Apple Watch Notifications available with purchase of push notifications:
    Get notified when the following things happen on Twitter:

    • Mentions, Replies, Direct Messages
    • Retweets, Favorites & New Followers
  • Twitterrific features on Apple Watch available with purchase of push notifications:
    • View a list of recent activity for the active Twitter account
    • Read replies, mentions & direct messages via Apple Watch
    • View profile info for new followers with options to follow back or block
    • Reply to mentions and direct messages using dictation
    • Force touch to compose a new tweet using Siri dictation
  • RT & Fav counts now displayed on selected tweets. YAY!
  • Interactive push notifications from the lock screen (swipe left for options):
  • Fav a reply or mention directly from the lock screen
  • Quickly reply to mentions & direct messages from the lock screen
  • Follow back or block a new follower


  • Catch all emoji characters in regex muffle filters using the {emoji} keyword
  • Performance enhancements when attaching photos to a tweet

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed autocorrect replacing text when composing tweets with smart quotes
  • Fixed problems causing dictation to end prematurely when composing replies
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when attaching media to a tweet

The 7.3-megabyte app requires an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad with iOS 8.0 or later.

Earlier this month, Twitterrific gained support for drafts, as well as better muffling and muting and other enhancements. As mentioned before, the app is provided on a freemium basis, with advanced functionality locked behind In-App Purchases.

Again, the $1.99 Push Notifications upgrade is required to take advantage of Twitterrific’s advanced Watch functionality. Other In-App Purchases are available, including ones to remove in-app advertising, turn on tweet translation or remove all restrictions in exchange for a one-time $3.99 In-App Purchase.

Grab Twitterrific free in the App Store.