Google launches new features in Docs, Sheets and Slides mobile productivity apps

Google Docs Sheets Slides (teaser 001)

Google’s suite of free of charge productivity services and applications, collectively marketed under the Google Docs brand, has been refreshed Thursday with new features.

As announced Thursday on the official Google Apps Updates blog, new versions of document editor Docs, presentation software Slides and spreadsheet application Sheets are now available in the App Store.

Among other changes, these applications now include such enhancements as object reordering on a slide, table editing in spreadsheets, tracking changes and accepting suggestions in Docs, faster loading and scrolling of PowerPoint documents and more.

Here’s what’s new in Docs, Sheets and Slides.

Google Docs

  • Accept, reject, or comment on suggestions (Android and iOS) from the comment stream.
  • Tracked changes and comments in Word files (Android and iOS).
  • Edit tables (iOS only, already available on Android).

Google Sheets

  • Move, resize, and delete charts.

Google Slides

  • Reorder objects to the front or back.
  • Quicker loading and scrolling of PowerPoint presentations from the app.

The new version of Docs app is now available in the App Store, with updates to Slides and Sheets due to launch later in the day.

Download Google Docs, Slides and Sheets free in the App Store.

Source: Google