Search images faster without typing in Bing

Bing for iOS faster image search iPhone screenshot 001

Windows maker Microsoft today announced that Bing for iPhone and Android now makes it easy to find images faster than before, without typing or by typing less.

The new search experience is now live on iPhone and Android devices in mobile browsers and lets you search images with “no typing required to discover more”.

In Bing for mobile, your search terms are now automatically put inside bubbles. Bing embeds these bubbles right inside your search box, intelligently grouping them together for quick access.

To narrow down your search, just tap on any of the bubbles to expand your search to new topics. In addition to your bubbled search terms, Bing also provides smart suggestion bubbles below the search box.

Just tap them to refine your search further.

Here’s how it works.

Tapping the X sign next to each bubble deletes it.

Microsoft has created the new image search tool in order to respond to the challenges of finding stuff on tiny mobile screens.

Typing on mobile phones is hard. Typos are common and are a pain to fix on small screens. This is particularly painful for image searchers, who tend to refine and expand their searches a lot.

The new experience is available in Bing’s English language markets in mobile browsers on Android and iPhone devices.

According to latest stats released by research firm ComScore, Bing has hit a new milestone in the United States with a cool twenty percent search marketshare.

Bing for the iPhone and iPad apps are available free in the App Store.

Source: Microsoft